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Orderman y PDA


The BDP link with the Orderman, PDA, Android, and Labware radio-supply orders is the ideal module for managing all the processes requiring mobility and presence of one or more waiter at the customer's tables, having at their disposal all the data regarding tables and charges of the supply orders.

The problems involved in managing large rooms, terraces, tents, etc. in real time and at considerable distance from the sales point is totally resolved with this module through radio frequency management.

You will be able to manage the services of a table from the moment the diners sit at it until the bill is issued and then charged, with constant communication between the POS, the waiter and the kitchen.


  • Totally tactile radio control.
  • Connection to Orderman terminals.
  • Connection to PDA terminals.
  • Connection to Android terminals.
  • Connection to LabWare terminals.
  • Configuration of the work screens.
  • List of open tables.
  • Opening of tables.
  • Automatic charges on opening tables by diners according to the room. (Orderman and PDA)
  • Change of waiter, room and price type. (Orderman and PDA)
  • Cancellation of lines.
  • Transfer of tables.
  • Invitations.
  • Search for articles by department.
  • Entry of diners by table.
  • Entry of comments by supply order line.
  • Sale of articles with proportions. (Orderman and PDA)
  • Combinations of two articles. (Orderman and PDA)
  • Printing to kitchen.
  • Request for printing and closure of bill in the POS. (Orderman and PDA)
  • Issuing of bills from the same control.

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