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  • Maintenance contract

    You can have the latest versions, with all the modifications, improvements and utilities, so your customer's programs will never become obsolete.

    By means of a web system, you will have a 7/24 service to renew your licence in case of accidental loss, equipment failure, virus, etc ...

  • On-line sevice

    BDP has an attention service exclusively for distributors, in which you can obtain an answer to any problem arising during the installation and maintenance of BDP programs

    A team of highly qualified professionals are at your disposal to help you at all times to solve any small problem, thus improving the service that you, as a distributor, offer your clients. ...

  • Training

    Ibernyx places a training room at the disposal of BDP program distributors.

    If you want to get training as a distributor in the general set of programs, or in a specific application, we offer our training department to give you advice and teach all the operations and options of BDP programs. ...


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