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What is BDP?

Market evolution and point of sale sector technology aim to constantly improve, strengthen and simplify the user's work in the sector. Recent tactile technology is currently invading the whole point of sale market.

Bdp Software is a collection of management programs created and developed to optimise tactile technology resources, without leaving aside at any time possible handling with a keyboard.

The modular nature of our programs is designed so that all sectors can have at their disposal a computer program to cover all their needs in a powerful, quick efficient and safe way.

The guarantee offered by our products is backed by a company that has been developing software solutions in different sectors since 1984. A great team of professionals are at your disposal to offer pioneering software for cutting edge tactile technology, an on-line service, constantly updated programs and the best possible attention.

This website presents our collection of programs, with their basic features, (it is impossible to specify all the available options in the limited space we have here), applications and advantages of using Bdp Software.


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