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Hotel Management

This program is specialised in hotels and tourist accommodation management. It will enable you to manage, control and view real hotel occupation and availability in a graphic manner, thus solving the day-to-day management of the establishment in an agile and effective manner, making it an essential tool for controlling the administration of any tourist establishment.

BDP-HOTEL manages bookings, stays, check-in, check-out, sales closing, housekeeping and all the most important operations that take place in a hotel, thus reducing costs and increasing cost control by cutting down the time employed in administration. It also comes with an extensive audit and powerful statistics functions that will help to make the best decisions when administrating and managing the hotel. BDP-HOTEL complies with all the tourism regulation requirements in Spain, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and Andorra.

The hotel software we offer is easy to implement and to learn how to use, being one of the best tools to help professionals in the sector improve control of daily management of a hotel establishment, considerably reducing manual work.

BDP-HOTEL incorporates the necessary technological innovations to make the most of the advantages offered by new technologies, enabling the tourist establishment to stay ahead of market trends, as well as to offer the best solutions in a rapid, agile and effective manner.

Front-Office (Reception)

  • Exhaustive administration, Management and control of Pre-Reservations, Confirmed reservations and Stays.
  • Possibility to Check-In without a reservation.
  • Management and control of cancelled, deleted and no-Show reservations.
  • Possibility to define Hotel Board Types in the reservation, differentiating check-in and check-out days.
  • Management and administration of bookings with Agency reservation contracts.
  • Management and control of Parking spaces.
  • Quick entering, locating and viewing of reservations through interactive Room Planning, Occupation, Agency reservations and Parking spaces.
  • Interactive stay Rack controlling forecast check ins and forecast check-outs.
  • Search for room availability, summary and information on stays directly form the Planning.
  • Changing and exchanging rooms in a rapid and agile manner.
  • Personalised management of charges per room.
  • System for entering charges outside the billing plan, with the possibility of quick and massive entering of extra charges (Vouchers).
  • Control and management of deposits and payments on account for reservations.
  • Entry/Revision/Deletion of expenses per room (Controlling charges).
  • Direct integration with POS systems for BDP-NET.
  • Automatic charging of calls and bar or restaurant tabs to the hotel room.
  • Control and management of shifts, till and daily closing.
  • Cash counts, by user and shifts.
  • Daily closing and correction of incorrect closings.
  • Prevision and management of room cleaning services for the Housekeeper with differentiation in sheet and towel changing and personalised tasks.
  • Daily planning of room service schedule with board for the dining room and kitchen.
  • Automatic generation of guest file and file to send to Police, Guardia Civil, Mossos, Ertzaintza and Roat.
  • Special system with internal warnings and notifications for reservation personnel, Planning, Rack.

Front-Office (Administration)

  • Definition of calendars for N Seasons and N Rates.
  • Specific configuration for public holidays.
  • Indication and signalling of days of the week.
  • Possibility of application of predefined rates for individuals, companies or agencies by seasons.
  • Possibility to calculate and apply prices per room and/or person.
  • Management and definition of Articles, Services and Suppliers with special identification for INE/EUSTAT/ISTAC statistics.
  • Definition of different forms of payment directly by the user.
  • Automatic generation of INE/EUSTAT/ISTAC statistics through a form or XML file (ARCE files and protocol).
  • Individual billing and/or billing several rooms with the possibility of working and classifying by series and proforma invoices.
  • Possibility of automated billing through charge grouping criteria.
  • Possibility of differentiation and printing between receipts and invoices.
  • Split billing and personalised billing per guest.
  • Billing in separate accounts between rom guests.
  • Billing of items with no need for booking (Invoices).
  • Control of the sales circuit (Estimates, Invoices and customer billing).
  • Classification, identification and organization of services for groups and classifications of productivity data for Maincourant.
  • Maincourant night audit report (Presentation of accounts of the establishment obtained during the whole day).
  • Control and management of Room, Employee, Clients and Agency/Company incidents.
  • System for automatically exporting accounting entries for bills, till, etc. (Contaplus and ASCII)


  • Powerful database with history of clients and bookings.
  • Lists of master files with reports searchable by dates.
  • Calculation of trends, forecast of room availability as well as % of occupation.
  • Comparative statistics of occupation and finance.
  • Productivity control with income forecast between selected dates.
  • Calculation of income forecast comparing current with future.
  • Production list, with the possibility of including amounts form external sales or from other departments or different sections of the hotel presenting the NFDI (Need For Daily Day)
  • Taxation (VAT Registration, Tourist tax management, Annual declaration of 347, etc. operations).
  • Calculation of average guest stay time, total income per quarter and average rate, RevPar.
  • Summary of turnover by dates, bill no. and pending payment.
  • Summary of income from occupation.
  • List of income forecast by date.
  • Statistics of services billed by date.
  • Establishment productivity report (CRC, ADR, RevPAR, RevPOR, ADR, GOPPAR).
  • Demand and trend control (PICKUP).
  • Possibility of exporting report results in different formats (pdf, doc, xls, rtf, (xt, ppt, csv, etc.).

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