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  • Hospitality

    This management program and tactile point of sale developed by BDP for Bars, Cafeterias and Restaurants, is one of the most powerful on the market. A program enabling the solution of all the problems that this type of establishment may need to resolve.

    An effective, practical and easy to use business tool, enabling from table and bar supply orders to product stock in the warehouse to be controlled and the interrelation of all the data on tactile screens ...

  • Home delivery service

    Catering businesses with home delivery are ever more numerous and popular.

    Orders, delivery people, motorbikes, deliveries, liquidations... are specific elements in this type of business, which require powerful control and management tools. Tools that meet all the requirements of a restaurant/catering business as well as the specific delivery needs of customer.

  • Pubs and discos

    The tactile management program developed by BDP for discos and pubs adds to the already designed hotel/engering management tools, others that effectively meet the specific need of this type of business.

    An example is the control of drinks included with the ticket, drinks for adults and children or wardrobe control.

  • Retail business

    Now, any type of retail establishment and small supermarkets can have the advantages tactile technology at their disposal for sales, thanks to the BDP-Net Retail program.

    The point of sale tactile management program developed by BDP offers a wide range of very easy to use options that enable effective control of product sales.

  • Bakeries, cake shops and management

    Bakeries and cake shops businesses have specific features that make than different from other types of retail businesses.

    Features that must be very well controlled to achieve efficiency in the work and a profitable business.

  • Hairdresser and beauty treatment

    Control and management of hairdressers and beauty centres is much easier with the program developed by BDP.

    It offers tools than can control the different features of each type of business. From following a treatment applied to a customer, distributing the visiting hours according to employee or type of treatment to attending to the customer according to their personalised file.

  • Size and colour

    BDP Size and Colour is an easy and effective tactile management and retail program that enables the user to control the business taking into account all its most characteristic: from purchasing to suppliers, sizes and colours, to the final sale.

    A program especially designed for clothes shops, boutiques, shoe shops, sports shops, etc.

  • pantalla del programa BDP-Cash

    BDP Cash

    Bdp-Cash is a product that has been devised and designed for establishments that require a simple but at the same time effective checkoutand charging system.

    Without the need for elaborate programming and powerful management systems, this program will enable you to control the sales and checkoutprocesses generated in hotel and catering establishments or any other type of business in an agile and simple manner.


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