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Size and colour

BDP Size and Colour is an easy and effective tactile management and retail program that enables the user to control the business taking into account all its most characteristic: from purchasing to suppliers, sizes and colours, to the final sale. A program especially designed for clothes shops, boutiques, shoe shops, sports shops, etc.

General Features

The program has the same features as the retail program as well as some specific to size and colour:

  • Up to three 3 types of characteristics into which the articles can be divided (size and colour; size, colour and cup; waist, length and colour; etc.)
  • Features definable by the user in each article (size, colour, cup, length, waist, etc.)
  • Different prices by size, colour and cup, or the same price for all.
  • Sale of articles by code, barcode, manual entry, etc.
  • Automatic assignment of barcodes to articles
  • Possibility of assigning alternative barcodes by size and colour
  • Control of seasons
  • Assignment of seasons by article
  • Control of sales
  • Up to 3 date periods for each sales season
  • Sales price for each date period
  • Control of vouchers issued and received
  • Issuing of "gift cheques"
  • Control and liquidation of alterations made by dressmakers
  • Control of reservations and customer's deposits


The BDP-Net Size and Colour program has the aforementioned features as well as commercial management to carry out billing by means of delivery notes to business clients.

  • Customer management (Fiscal and commercial data, holiday period, etc.).
  • Areas and types of customers.
  • Prices definable by client and article.
  • Multi-rate by articles.
  • Order control.
  • Delivery note control.
  • Transfer of orders to delivery notes.
  • Direct billing from delivery notes.
  • Selective billing by customer.
  • Billing grouped by dates and groups of clients.
  • Mass reprinting of a group of bills, so it is not necessary to print the bills during their creation.
  • Multi-Series for bills, delivery and notes.
  • Series with VAT added and series with VAT included.
  • Consignments of bank receipts.
  • Consignments on paper, floppy disk and file, to send via Internet.
  • Manual charging of bills.
  • Management of sales reps.
  • Commissions by customer and article.
  • Multiple configuration of commissions.
  • Definable designs of orders, delivery notes and bills.
  • Possibility of issuing orders, delivery notes and bills in PDF format.
  • Management of PDF files sent by e-mail.
  • Multiple billing lists.
  • Statistics on articles, clients, representatives, etc.
  • Calculation and listing of profitability of articles and customers.

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