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Retail business

Now, any type of retail establishment and small supermarkets can have the advantages tactile technology at their disposal for sales, thanks to the BDP-Net Retail program.

The point of sale tactile management program developed by BDP offers a wide range of very easy to use options that enable effective control of product sales.

For the specific needs of shops that sell to regular customers that are regularly billed, BDP tactile has developed the BDP-Net Retail and Management program, able to effectively deal with all the processes.

Delivery notes, bills, orders, receipts, special prices, customers... Everything has been included in this Retail and Management program, which also contemplates all the variables needed in wholesale, retail or distribution.

General Features

The BDP-Net Retail and BDP-Net Retail and Management programs offer the following main features:

  • Prepared for touch screen, keyboard and mouse.
  • Departments, articles and customers.
  • Own definition of parameters for each terminal.
  • Possibility of parking up to 999 tickets with comments defined by the user.
  • Parked by terminal and employee.
  • 5 types of automatic or manually applied prices.
  • As well as a screen for each department, with their articles, there are 999 maxi screens allowing up to 107 articles available in the sales screen.
  • Scales connection to sell articles by weight.
  • Free description in the sale of articles.
  • Identification of the article by photograph, colour and description.
  • Identification of waiters by password, card, induction wristband and fingerprint.
  • Possibility of forcing the assignment of employees.
  • Record of cancellations.
  • Up to 9 shifts per day.
  • Control of cash register by shifts and days.
  • Cash register entries and exits recorded.
  • Closures of shifts and days.
  • Cash counting by shifts and days.
  • Closure with programmable reports.
  • Reports by shift and day.
  • Control tape in paper and magnetic support.
  • More than 50 reports by terminals, premises, dates, etc.
  • On screen reports, A4 printer and ticket printer.
  • Ticket printers in local mode and networked.
  • Control and reports of payments.
  • Personalised design of tickets.
  • Access options definable by employee.
  • Commissions definable by employee.
  • Up to 99 types of VAT.
  • Up to 99 modes of payment.
  • Connection to scanner by barcode.
  • Articles with weight control.
  • Price and discount offers by article.
  • Gift offers of the 3 x 2 type.
  • Price offers by group.
  • Standard offers "second item at half price".
  • Customer management.
  • Type of price per customer.
  • Delivery notes for customers to bill at the end of the month.
  • Prices and discounts per customer.
  • Ticket credit for customers.
  • 10 modes of payment using the terminal.
  • Up to 3 ways of charging per ticket.
  • Three-column button panel with keys that are wholly configurable as to position, colour and size.
  • Customer loyalty management, card, gift tickets and charging with gift points.
  • Generation of points by articles and by amounts.
  • Transferring tickets to hotel.
  • Employee presence control (entry, exit, hours worked, etc.)
  • Reading barcodes of scales.
  • Consulting and reprinting tickets.
  • Massive price change.
  • Sale of articles by alternative code.
  • Control of sales by packs of articles.
  • Consulting sales prices.
  • Display management (greeting, cash register, sales, etc.).
  • Control and notification of excess cash in cash register.
  • Possibility of issuing gift tickets without amounts.
  • Control and management of the issuing and reception of vouchers.


The BDP-Net Retail and Management program has the aforementioned features of the retail as well as features specific of the Commercial Management module:

  • Customer management (Fiscal and commercial data, financial and risk control, holiday period, etc.).
  • Multiple delegations by clients, with different addresses and contacts.
  • Areas and types of customers.
  • Prices definable by client and article.
  • Multi-rate by articles.
  • Estimate control.
  • Order control.
  • Delivery note control.
  • Transfer of estimates to orders and delivery notes
  • Transfer of orders to delivery notes.
  • Direct billing from delivery notes.
  • Selective billing by customer.
  • Billing grouped by dates and groups of clients.
  • Billing by company and/or delegation.
  • Mass reprinting of a group of bills, so it is not necessary to print the bills during their creation.
  • Multi-Series for bills, delivery notes and estimates.
  • Series with VAT added and series with VAT included.
  • Batches and traceability by article.
  • Green point.
  • Consignments of bank receipts.
  • Consignments on paper, floppy disk and file, to send via Internet.
  • Manual charging of bills.
  • Management of sales reps.
  • Commissions by customer and article.
  • Multiple configuration of commissions.
  • Definable designs of estimates, orders, delivery notes and bills.
  • Possibility of issuing estimates, orders, delivery notes and bills in PDF format.
  • Management of PDF files sent by e-mail.
  • Multiple billing lists.
  • Statistics on articles, clients, representatives, etc.
  • Calculation and listing of profitability of articles and customers.

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