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This management program and tactile point of sale developed by BDP for Bars, Cafeterias and Restaurants, is one of the most powerful on the market. A program enabling the solution of all the problems that this type of establishment may need to resolve.

An effective, practical and easy to use business tool, enabling from table and bar supply orders to product stock in the warehouse to be controlled and the interrelation of all the data on tactile screens that are very easy to understand and use. An indispensable tool, described by many users as a real replacement for cash registers.

General features

(**) These options are not available in the disco program

  • Rooms, tables and bar. Up to 999 tables per room.
  • Graphic view of the rooms with empty, occupied and reserved tables.
  • Graphic view of the bar and its free and occupied stools.
  • List of open tables, their balance and status.
  • Possibility of assigning certain tables to a room carrying out automatic opening.
  • Automatic charging by tables and diners, definable for each room.
  • Possibility of parking up to 999 bar supply orders and their stools with comments definable by the user.
  • 5 types of prices for manual application, by room, shift, etc.
  • As well as a screen for each department, with their articles, there are 999 maxi screens allowing up to 107 articles available on the sales screen.
  • Scales connection to sell articles by weight.
  • Free description in the sale of articles.
  • Identification of the article by photograph, colour and description.
  • Identification of waiters by password, card, induction wristband and fingerprint.
  • Possibility of forcing the assignment of waiters.
  • Control of invitations.
  • Control of consumption of personnel.
  • Control of number of diners.
  • Up to 9 different proportions definable for each article (Dishes, rations, tapas, small drinks, etc.).
  • Menu control and editing (menu of the day, tasting menu, etc.).
  • Fast-food control and editing, creating dishes with different components and prices to the customer's taste (pizzas, burgers, etc.).
  • Possibility of making any type of long drink with 2 elements.
  • An unlimited number of kitchen comments and modifications for each article.
  • Comments in articles, menus, fast-food, etc.
  • Freely edited comments.
  • Supplements with the amount for each article. (Add potatoes, salad, etc.)
  • Transfer charges (or the whole table) to other tables.
  • Table bookings (day, time, room, table, products to be consumed, etc.).
  • Up to 9 kitchen printers.
  • Kitchen monitors.
  • Kitchen management for cancellations and changes.
  • Reprinting supply orders to kitchen.
  • Client management.
  • Issuing bar tickets, table tickets and table bills.
  • Delivery notes for clients to bill at the end of the month (**)
  • Monthly credit limit by customer and daily by customer employee (**)
  • Prices and discounts per customer.
  • Corrected bills.
  • 10 modes of payment using the terminal.
  • 9 levels of printing for ticket and kitchen.
  • Ticket printing grouped by departments and articles.
  • Possibility of printing 3 amounts at the end of the bill, which are a summary of the dishes consumed. (E.g. Meals, drinks and desserts).
  • Possibility of printing in Check-Track mode (continuous carry forward balances and closure of tables) and printing in the same bill of additional charges when the note is handed over.
  • Printing change and tip (of the card, cheque, etc.) at the end of the ticket.
  • Print design of tickets, bills and notes sent to kitchen entirely configurable.
  • Different types of charging by ticket and bill.
  • Division of a supply order in several bills (automatic, manual and mixed), each diner paying their bill.
  • Separation of table notes in which there are several customers asking for a separate bill as they leave the table.
  • Up to 4 Happy Hour time sections for each day of the week.
  • Three-column button panel with keys that are wholly configurable as to position, colour and size.
  • Articles comprised of two halves of fast-food articles. (E.g. Two half pizzas)
  • Possibility of joining and separating tables.
  • New concept of surcharge in bills by rooms (terraces, etc.)
  • Notes explaining the supply order in the heading.
  • Customer loyalty management, points, gift tickets and charging with gift points.
  • Transfer of tickets and bills to the hotel.
  • More than 40 sales reports (cash register, waiters, hours, invitations, etc.)
  • Employee presence control (entry, exit, hours worked, etc.)

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