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Home delivery service

Catering businesses with home delivery are ever more numerous and popular. Orders, delivery people, motorbikes, deliveries, liquidations... are specific elements in this type of business, which require powerful control and management tools. Tools that meet all the requirements of a restaurant/catering business as well as the specific delivery needs of customer.

For this purpose, BDP has developed a complete tactile management program, which as well as the restaurant/catering options has its own specific options for managing home delivery


The program has the same features as the hotel/catering as well as some specific to the home delivery service:

  • Control of delivery people.
  • Entry and exit times.
  • Search for customers by telephone, mobile phone, etc.
  • Total or partial charging of tickets by delivery person.
  • Liquidation by shift and delivery person with deposit amounts.
  • Issuing of tickets for customer, cash register and delivery person.
  • Statistics by postcodes.
  • Statistics of consumption by clients.
  • Control of areas.
  • Possibility of passing the last ticket consumed by the customer to supply order if the customer wants to consume the same as last time.
  • Control of exits and arrivals of delivery people.
  • Multiple selection of supply orders by delivery person and exit.
  • Commissions by delivery person.
  • Offers in the supply orders for all customers or specific by area and street.

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