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pantalla del programa BDP-Cash

BDP Cash

Bdp-Cash is a product that has been devised and designed for establishments that require a simple but at the same time effective checkoutand charging system. Without the need for elaborate programming and powerful management systems, this program will enable you to control the sales and checkoutprocesses generated in hotel and catering establishments or any other type of business in an agile and simple manner.

BDP has created a programthat emulates a cash register, but with much more powerful and accessible processes. You will havesales statistics and tax reports accompanied by more than 20 additional reports to help you in your decision-making, so as to increase the profitability and competitiveness of your business.

Características generales

  • Screen resolution: 800x600 and 1024x768.
  • Totally configurable two-column row of buttons.
  • Numerical keyboard with calculator function.
  • Management of parked receipts (can emulate tables).
  • Possibility to parkup to 999 receipts, with definable comments.
  • Change request at the end of a receipt.
  • Possibility of direct payment.
  • Issuing of receipts.
  • Configuration of price decimals and sales units.
  • Control of Employees.
  • Identification of Employees by password and card.
  • Access options definable for each employee.
  • Possibility to force employee request.
  • Sales articles and Departments.
  • Article identification by photograph, colour and description.
  • Articles with free description.
  • Product sales by an alternative code.
  • Sound for non-existent article.
  • Massive modification of Articles.
  • Up to three types of prices per article.
  • Up to 999-84 plus Maxi-screens.
  • General discounts.
  • Discounts by line.
  • Comments for articles.
  • Unlimited comments for each article.
  • Freely chosen comments.
  • Up to 5 modes of payment by terminal.
  • Up to 3 different modes of payment by ticket.
  • Configuration and printing in an auxiliary printer (Kitchen).
  • Totally configurable ticket and auxiliary printing design.
  • Printer driver design and dot matrix design.
  • Printing change at the end of the ticket.
  • More than 20 sales and checkout reports.
  • Possibility of numbering the reports.
  • History of cancellations.
  • Control and reports on payments.
  • Control of Invitations.
  • Control andcheckout notes.
  • Cash count.
  • Breakdown of notes and coins in cash count.
  • Closure with configurable reports.
  • Paper or magnetic support control tape.
  • Reports on screen, A4 printer and ticket printer.
  • Reportscan be exported to PDF®, WORD®, Excel® and TXT.
  • Connection with scales only for weighing.
  • Display management (Greeting, checkout, sales, etc.).
  • Pos For Net peripherals.
  • Manual backup copies.
  • Programmed backup copies on starting and quitting the application.

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