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  • Almacén


    This powerful warehouse management tool is indispensable to control all the processes that require management of a large quantity of products every day: entries, exits, invoices, transfers... From stockand supplier control to all the processes related to the articles, from when they are purchased to when they are sold.

  • Multi-terminal and network

    BDP is completely prepared for working in a linked network system, both in online and off-line mode.

    The on-line system enables management and processing in real time of all the data of all the terminals through the network, enabling the sharing of supply orders, parked tickets, customers, articles, etc.

  • Conectividad


    The connectivity module will enable the user to link different terminals located in different premises and receive and update all the data from the sales outlet network.

    Terminals from different premises will be able to send data to the head office for processing. It is also possible to modify prices and sales conditions on the central computer and send them to the different premises.

  • Orderman y PDA

    Radio-supply orders

    The BDP link with the Orderman, PDA, Android, and Labware radio-supply orders is the ideal module for managing all the processes requiring mobility and presence of one or more waiter at the customer's tables, having at their disposal all the data regarding tables and charges of the supply orders.

    The problems involved in managing large rooms, terraces, tents, etc. in real time and at considerable distance from the sales point is totally resolved with this module through radio frequency management.

  • Fidelización y puntos

    Loyalty and points

    It is more and more frequent to give customers something for their purchases. This can be a series of points according to the type of article and amount of the sale.

    BDP programs manage the number of points generated by the sale by article and amount of the ticket. The customer can exchange these points for gifts or an amount of money with which they can pay part of their purchases.

  • SMS


    With this module it is possible to send SMS text messages  to mobile phones.

    Owners or people in charge of a business may not be able to be present on the closing of the premises. This module will serve, at the end of the day for the POS terminal to send an SMS message to the owner's phone indicating the money collected  that day.

  • Periféricos


    Current technology and all the components derived from it enable the management and solving of certain problems through peripherals that many companies manufacture for this purpose.

    BDP has wide ranging connectivity to peripheral devices so as to make the most of the performance and possibilities they offer.

  • Vending


    Module for the hotel and cateringsector, enabling the management, ordering and payment of an order automatically by the client in the premises. For correct operation, the program has been adapted to self-ordering kiosks, enabling the entire automatic sales procedure to be handled in a very effective manner.

  • Line Report

    Line Report

    The production and information generated by hotel and restaurant establishmentsand shops is data that the owners and managers of these establishments want to know at all times and to monitor the evolution of the cash, at any moment, whenever the premises is open and wherever it may be located.

    To date, he aforementioned information was not readily available, but modern technology and ...

  • Autocomanda


    It is ever more common forclients incertainhotel and restaurant establishments, where dishes are quickly ordered and served to demand greater efficacy in their relations with the establishment.

    It is also true that mostclients have mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

  • Automatic Cash Drawers

    Owners of establishments more and more frequently ask our distributors for cash drawers where the amount paid is entered and change is given automatically.

    The system is ideal to avoid employees handling cash from customers, thus reducing uncontrolled losses and increasing food hygiene in the establishment, detecting counterfeit notes...

  • WebLink


    BDP Software utility that can link with other applications on the market to create articles, obtain stock, manage customer registration, etc. In short, a tool to link BDP with different programs available on the market.

  • WinHandy


    A BDP application designed to work on Windows tablets (Windows 8 or above) as a handheld terminal, but with the same POS screen and almost all the options of the POS. Ideal for controlling dining room rooms, terraces, marquees, etc.


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