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Module for the hotel and cateringsector, enabling the management, ordering and payment of an order automatically by the client in the premises. For correct operation, the program has been adapted to self-ordering kiosks, enabling the entire automatic sales procedure to be handled in a very effective manner.

This system is strongly recommended to reduce costs and accelerate the entire management oforders, incorporating an order number system to pick up at the bar, sending to the kitchen and the management of cash (management of GM Vending) and credit cards. It is ideal for pizza establishments, hamburger restaurants, work canteens, etc.establishments with a lot of customers and few personnel.

A system to speed up, save in personnel and ensure tallying of cash, thanks to the intelligent till, a technology already used in large stores.


  • Sales of individual articles, with proportions, products packs (Hamburger bar menu type), supplements, etc. order edition, change of units, menu edition, etc.
  • Three modes of payment: Cash, using the intelligent till, Credit card, using the PayTef payment gateway and Payment at the counter, using any type of payment configured in the checkout POS.
  • Automatic or manual shift closure.
  • Robust configuration of auxiliary printers, up to nine printers per kiosk.
  • Possibility of working online, eitherin a central or in a totally autonomous manner.
  • Configurable sales screen:appearance, wallpaper, buttons, size of articles, etc.
  • Multi-language, totally user-configurable in any language desired.
  • Possibility of publicity Banners on the sales screen.
  • ...and many more options.

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