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It is ever more common forclients incertainhotel and restaurant establishments, where dishes are quickly ordered and served to demand greater efficacy in their relations with the establishment.

It is also true that mostclients have mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Having said this, we can reach the conclusion that the merger of both elements could generate a powerful, agile and effective tool for managing the client’s ordersin these establishments.

Thus, BDP Software created the self-ordering module, which consists in using the clients’ own terminals for managing their orders.Entering them in a rapid and easy manner, just by pressing a key, sending them to the kitchen for rapid and efficient serving.

Customers can select the products and will have different departments and articles for which they can also choose types of garnishesand cooking options (well done, no salt, etc.)

There are two types of operations for controlling the establishment itself. The first is that the order made by the customer is automatically sent to the kitchen for processing and serving,without any checking. The second option consists in sending it to the POS for the person in charge to check it and "Ok" it for immediate processing. There is a control panel on the POS for both options when managing the order.

This module also has multi-language options and information about any articles with allergens, as required by current regulations.

Configuring the POS of the establishment is simple and it can work on any smartphone and any tablet, as long as they use a browser compatible with HTML5 in the latest V8 version.

The terminals connect with the establishment network via a QR code, and once connected to the Wi-Fi network, you can enter the order just by reading the QR code.

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