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Fidelización y puntos

Loyalty and points

It is more and more frequent to give customers something for their purchases. This can be a series of points according to the type of article and amount of the sale.

BDP programs manage the number of points generated by the sale by article and amount of the ticket. The customer can exchange these points for gifts or an amount of money with which they can pay part of their purchases.

The program enables the points won by the client to be configured according to what they buy and how many points they will need to get a gift, as well as the euros/points equivalence to pay the purchases with the points obtained.


  • Points by amount of sales produced
  • Extra points for certain articles
  • Points by ticket and sales
  • Gift control
  • System for paying with points
  • Sales statistics and points by customer and dates
  • Statistics of gifts per customer and date
  • Statistics of amounts paid with points

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