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Line Report

Line Report

The production and information generated by hotel and restaurant establishmentsand shops is data that the owners and managers of these establishments want to know at all times and to monitor the evolution of the cash, at any moment, whenever the premises is open and wherever it may be located.

To date, he aforementioned information was not readily available, but modern technology and especially the evolution of mobile phones that have become powerful communication devices has dramatically changedthe situation, substantially increasing the information available at all times.

LINE-REPORT is a tool developed by BDP Software, which by configuring in the central computer and the mobile terminals, will enable authorised persons to access at all times the production and the checkoutsof the connected establishments.

The following information can be obtained: Production, Checkout, Sales by employee, cancellations, detailed cancellations, payments, invitations, detailed invitations, tables and room statistics as well as article statistics.

It is a magnificent tool to enable an establishment manager to consult the management of the premises, at any time and from any location in the world with an Internet connection. It is no longer a problemto leave the premises, go on holidays or just to be absent. There will be no fear of losing the day-to-daycontrol of the business.

It works on Android, iPhone and WindowsPhone, Tablets, iPad, etc. as long as the device has a browser compatible with HTML5.

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