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Ibernyx S.L., with more than thirty year's experience, have the latest technology and a great team of professionals to offer you the best possible service in the management software and tactile POS sector.

Our experience developing management software for different sectors enables us to affirm that we know the problems and needs of our distributors and final customers, having achieved great simplicity in the handling and the maximum power of the programs, which become authentic tools without creating any new problems of their own.

It is important to highlight that as a distributor, you have an Call Center service in which twelve people will be at your disposal to solve any doubt or query that could arise with regard to our software and its installation.

We recommend you to ask for a no-obligation Demo version and try out our product, which we are sure will cover all your needs.

  • C. Alfons I, 31 - Bajos
    17520 Puigcerdà (Girona)
  • 972 88 47 65
  • bdp@bdpcenter.com

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