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Distributor tools

"No matter where your projects take you: wherever you need us, we will help you."

Distributors working with us, while maintaining their business independence, benefit from a brand image, training and technical assistance facilities, commercial-technical advice and exquisite service that will enable them to compete in the market from a privileged position, thanks to a wide range of tools at their disposal, which will set them apart from competitors, at no additional cost.

Commercial material and added value

All BDP distributors will be provided with support to design their showroom or installations, catalogues of our products, promotional videos, tutorials about the programs, so they can carry out their work optimally. BDP's Marketing and Communication Department provides corporate material and marketing and communication resources to help with the communication of programs and services marketed by our distributors through the BDP brand.

Personalised assistanc

Our Technical Support Department offers a rapid response, adapted to the need for advice and problem-resolution of our distributor. To have permanent support and continuous advice free of charge enables an Official BDP Distributor to concentrate on the core of the business, which is selling and offering service to their customer network.

Permanent training

The cornerstone of the business is for personnel to have adequate knowledge and experience. This will define the service offered to their customers. BDP strives to offer its distributors the tools they need to adequately train their personnel, through free courses offered in BDP's Virtual Classroom, offering our distributors excellent resources to expand their knowledge in commercial, technical and service matters regarding the programs they are selling

An exclusive work platform

BDP distributors have a complete and advanced portal at their disposal to manage, plan and develop the commercialisation of all BDP products purchased through the pay-per-use mode. Authorised BDP distributors accessing this portal will have a web system at their disposal 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, where they can renew licences in case of accidental loss, equipment failure, virus, etc.

A wide range of products

Companies investing in BDP's solutions are more effective and have increased productivity. BDP distributors can commercialise very high-quality specific software for different sectors, at a very competitive price. Bars and Restaurants, Shops in General, Size and Colour, Hairdressers and Beauty salons, etc. are some of the users of our programs, offering the best solutions in the Hospitality, Shop and Retail sectors.

Maintenance contract

Enables you to have the latest versions with all the modifications, improvements and utilities to avoid your customers' programs becoming obsolete. BDP distributions can renew licences in case of accidental loss, equipment failure, virus, etc., through BDP's web portal. With the maintenance contract, they will also have a data repair service if they were to suffer breakages or corruption due to power cuts or disc failure. With this service, BDP distributors will have preference in the distributor attention service, to attend to the doubts and queries that may arise in the installations by accessing our Technical and Support Department.

Quality guarantee

Constant R&D in our Analysis and Programming department is dedicated to satisfying the most demanding needs of the different sectors we work in, enabling us to manufacture and market a differential product, outstanding for its quality, robustness and durability, constantly updated and with access to technical documentation.

Restricted access for exclusive use on our website

BDP distributors have all the technical and commercial information about our products available on our website. The website has an area exclusively for professional, from which you can download the latest versions of programs, technical material, software tools, as well as exclusive commercial and marketing material.

Commercial purchasing flexibility

From our commercial and administration department, BDP distributors will obtain a response to their commercial needs, whether the prefer to purchase on-line through our website, through wholesalers or directly.


We strive to deserve the maximum confidence of our distributor, to establish long-term solid relationships and fruitful cooperation, to offer a high degree of knowledge of our products to our distributors and advise them on the best solution for their needs.


if you wish to become a part of BDP's network of Official Distributors, we suggest that you contact us and we will inform you of eveything you need, so you can have access to a complete catalogue of products and services that represent a true technological revolution on the market. More information


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