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Standard Software

"Tools that transform problems into the best solutions in the sector:"

Choosing the right software, adapted to the needs of any business, is fundamental to obtain the maximum performance of the business.

Companies that invest in BDP software are more effective, more productive and increase their profitability considerably.

BDP distributors can commercialise our software, designed for different sectors, at a very competitive price. Hospitality, Shops, Size and Colour, Hairdressers and Beauty salons, Bakeries, etc. are some of the sectors where our solutions are applied.

The evolutional and optional maintenance of our products makes our programs a benchmark in all sectors. The implementation of our standard software can be commercialised by two modes of sale: “By purchase” or “Renting” (Pay per use). It takes very little time to implement our standard software, and it is also very competitively priced which, together with the particularities of each sector, plus the service that the distributor offers, will easily and quickly resolve the everyday problems that may arise in the establishment that applies it.

Types of businesses where bdp's solutions can be applied

Bars, Restaurants, Discos, Pubs, Supermarkets, Food shops, Clothes shops, Shops, Shoe shops, Retail sale, Hairdressers, Beauty salons, Perfume shops, Bakeries, Cake shops, Ironmongers, Flower shops, Kiosks and Bookshops, Billing in General, Franchises and Chains of shops selling goods, in a very powerful, easy and intuitive work environment.

With the solutions and programs we offer, and using the most advanced technology, any company in any sector mentioned above, has the best tools to achieve greater efficiency in the management of their business, with a considerable increase in its profitability and productivity.


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