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BDP-NET Pubs and Discotheques is special management Software for bars and discos. In a leisure establishment, constant demand for drinks and other services can be intense and stressful, giving rise to mistakes. For correct organisation of the establishment, it is indispensable to have a tool to help with the everyday night times or daytime tasks.

BDP-NET Pubs and Discotheques enables you to control drinks offered to customers, as well as managing sales, controlling profits or losses, real stock, or accounting the number of invitations by waiter.

With BDP-NET Pubs and Discotheques, you can connect several areas of the premises (Terraces, Bars, Exteriors, etc.), increasing not only the productivity of waiters and bartenders, but also having perfect control of wardrobe tickets, printing admission tickets, commissions by salesperson, controls or permissions by waiter when opening the till without a sale (Invitations), happy hour, identification of employees by proximity wristbands, sales of long drinks, customer loyalty and/or table bookings.

BDP-NET Pubs and Discotheques has a graphic interface for touchscreens so waiters can manage accounts easily and quickly. With BDP-NET Pubs and Discotheques, you can optimise and control the movements of the tills, correctly manage drinks stock inventories, carry out purchasing provisions to avoid typical stock problems, considerably reducing time and money employed.

To make your business much more efficient, productive and profitable is easy if you apply the following options:

  • Incorporating all the general features of TPV BDP-NET Bar and Restaurant.
  • Control and issuing of admission tickets.
  • Admission ticket.
  • Management and control of free consumptions with the admission ticket.
  • Different consumption tickets can be issued for each admission ticket.
  • Limited control of free consumptions with the admission ticket.
  • Management and control of alcoholic drinks for minors (by timetable and article).
  • Public relations control when issuing admission tickets and the consumption of assigned customers.
  • Manual and automatic control and management of the cloakroom, issuing numbered tickets associated to hangers.
  • Powerful lists and reports on purchases, sales, closures, statistics, inventory and stock control.
  • Permissions by waiter for opening the till.
  • Possibility of selling and defining long drinks and shots.
  • Management of cocktails by price tag or customised.
  • Customer loyalty system.
  • Centralised table booking system.
  • Making partial charges of a ticket or joining several open sales in a single account.
  • Possibility of sending till closures without needing to be on the premises.
  • Control and management of “Happy Hour” promotions by day and hour, terminal or bar.
  • Recording of deleted lines for controlling personnel.
  • Radio Orders, linking with Orderman and PDA (different colour configuration to see better).
  • Control of commissions by seller.
  • Identification of employees by proximity wristbands.


  • AUTOMATIC TILLS: (©Azkoyen, ©Bipprocess, ©Cashbank-cube, ©Cashguard, ©Cashkeeper, ©Cashlogy, ©Cashphenix, ©Glory, ©Infinity, ©Paydesk, ©Safapey).
  • CARDS, WRISTBANDS AND FINGERPRINT: Fingerprint Intuate/Digital Persona, Nitgen Hamster II, Intuate U.are. U 4500 and easyGoband special system.
  • PAYMENT GATEWAYS: (©Payteff, ©TPVTPC, ©Comercia Global Payments, ©ePOMo, ©ORX (Andorra), ©Saimapay).
  • DELIVERY PLATFORMS : through ©SINCRO it is possible to manage orders made via: ©Globo, ©Just Eat, ©Uber Eats, ©Deliveroo, etc.
    • ©LAPSOPAY: it is possible to view the sale receipt and even pay a part or all of the bill from a mobile phone.
    • 4IPNET Hotspot: you can link to a Wi-Fi network with the TPV BDP-NET program.
    • Terminals for portable telecomandas.
    • ©RECEVER, © NO MÁS TICKETS: a system that enables tickets to be sent to the cloud.
    • ©DEVOLUIVA: you can automate VAT recovery.
    • ©GIRNET: a powerful Intelligent Business system by MAPAL.
    • HOTEL: transferring tickets to BDP-HOTEL.

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