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Bar and restaurant

TPV BDP-NET is a tactile management and POS program for bars, restaurants and cafeterias that can easily and quickly deal with the problems that arise in the daily activities of any establishment in the sector. By the use and application of easy-to-handle touchscreens, it will be simple, quick and convenient to handle table and bar orders and sales.

With TPV BDP-NET, you can control what is happening at any moment in the establishment in real time, automating orders, bills, employees, purchases, stocks, cash counts and reports. TPV BDP-NET offers everything you need in a single tool, even taking advantage of the use of automatic tills. Taking orders from tables an sending them automatically  to the bar or the kitchen using service call buttons is easy with TPV BDP-NET, so you will have more time to attend the final customers, to look after them much better, directly increasing the profitability of the business and considerably improving customer attention.

Speed when attending a table and serving, using an electronic menu on the customer's terminals, obtaining the right information at the right time, looking after diners conveniently and quickly is no longer a problem with TPV BDP-NET. To close a sale is important, but to manage the business correctly is vital, and this is all guaranteed using and applying the following options and features:

  • Rooms, tables and bar. Up to 999 tables per room.
  • Graphic viewing of rooms with free, occupied and booked rooms.
  • Graphic viewing of the bar and free and occupied stools.
  • The possibility of assigning tables to a room, carrying out automatic opening.
  • Automatic charging by table and diner definable for each room.
  • The possibility of parking up to 999 bar orders and their stools, with comments definable by the user.
  • 5 types of prices of manual application, by room, shift, etc.
  • As well as a screen for each department with their articles, there are 999 maxi-screens allowing up to 107 articles available on the sales screen.
  • Connection to scales for selling articles by weight.
  • Free description in the sale of articles.
  • Identification of the article by photograph, colour and description.
  • Identification of waiters by password, card, RFID and fingerprint.
  • Possibility of forcing the assignment of waiters.
  • Control of invitations, consumption of personnel, number of diners, etc.
  • Up to 9 different proportions definable for each article (dishes, rations, tapas, shots, etc.).
  • Control and edition of packs (hamburger restaurant style).
  • Control and edition of menus (menu of the day, tasting menu, etc.).
  • Control and edition of fast-food, with the creation of dishes with different components and prices to the customer's taste (pizzas, burgers, etc.).
  • Possibility of making any type of combination of 2 elements.
  • Unlimited number of comments and kitchen modifiers for each article.
  • Comments on articles, menus, fast-food, free editing, etc.
  • Supplements with the amount for each article (Add potatoes, salad, etc.).
  • Transfer charges (or the whole table) to other tables.
  • Table reservations (day, time, room, table, products to be consumed, etc.).
  • Kitchen monitors, second screens and up to 35 kitchen printers per area.
  • Invoices for customers for billing at the end of the month.
  • Quick booking system, to make a reservation without needing to assign a table.
  • Employee presence control (entries, exits, hours worked, etc.) according to work inspection requirements.
  • Adapted to the Basque fiscal control system (TicketBAI).
  • Immediate information system SII of the AEAT.
  • Possibility of working with Windows 10 Tablets connected to a master by Wi-Fi.
  • Possibility of digitally signing management invoices in PDF format.
  • Monthly credit limit by clients and daily by client's employees.
  • Prices and discounts by client and 10 modes of payment per terminal.
  • 9 levels of printing on ticket and in kitchen.
  • Printing on a ticket grouped by departments and articles.
  • Possibility of printing in Check-Track mode (Continuous carry forward of balance and closure of tables) and printing of additional charges on the same invoice when delivering the bill.
  • Printing change and tips (card, cheque, etc.) at the end of the ticket.
  • Configurable design and printing on the tickets, bills and sending to kitchen.
  • Virtual stores for stocks of certain articles.
  • Different types of collections by ticket and bill.
  • Division of an order into several bills (automatic, manual and mixed) so each diner can pay their bill.
  • Separation of table notes in which there are several customers who ask for separate bills as they leave.
  • Sub-tables – Control of different groups in the billing and charging, sitting at the same table.
  • Up to 4 Happy Hour times for each day of the week.
  • Button panel with three columns and buttons with totally configurable position, colour and size.
  • Articles formed by two halves of fast-food articles. (E.g.: Two half pizzas).
  • Possibility of joining and separating tables.
  • New surcharge items in bills and by rooms (terraces, etc.).
  • Customer management and loyalty, points, gift tickets, gift points, transfer of tickets and bills to the hotel.
  • Over 70 sales reports (till, waiters, hours, invitations, etc.).
  • Employee presence control (entry, exit, hours worked, etc.).
  • YOUR TURN: Integrated turn system for managing queues.
  • LLEIDA NETWORKS: possibility of automating SMS message sending, among other things, to send the cash balances at the end of the day.


  • Connection to different PCs on the same network or over the internet (The “Connectivity Module” will be needed).
  • Communications system based on remote SQL connections and own management of data packages.
  • Sending daily data from the terminal to the head office.
  • Sending the basic data from the head office to the terminals (price/article changes, etc.).
  • Sending and reception through the network, E-mail, Ftp server and external discs (USB, etc.).
  • Selective sending by premises and terminals.
  • "Line Control" tool for continuous remote control and connection incorporated in the "Connectivity Module".
  • Synchronisation agent (Continuous unattended communication).
  • A new system for accessing information about the BDP-NET data for external applications (WEBLINK RESTAPI).
Image of a person transferring data using connectivity.

Multi-Terminal and Network

Image network terminals
  • Up to 999 premises.
  • Up to 99,999 terminals.
  • Possibility of working autonomously and then transferring the data to the head office.
  • Possibility of working with several on-line network terminals with the same data.
  • Possibility of entering charges in a terminal and modifying them or billing them in another.
  • Moving from working on the network to autonomous working if the network is down for any reason, with subsequent merger of data.

Android Radio-Order

  • A totally tactile radio control.
  • Configuration of work screens.
  • List of open tables.
  • Opening tables and transferring tables.
  • Line cancellation
  • Invitations.
  • Print to kitchen.
  • Entry of diners per table.
  • Search for articles by department.
  • Entry of comments by order line.
  • Change of waiter, room and type of price.
  • Sale of articles with proportions.
  • Combinations of two articles.
  • Printing request and closure of bill in the POS.
  • Issue bills from the same control.
  • Payment gateway integrated in Android.
  • Automatic charges in the opening of tables by diners according to the room.
Image of person with bag.

Store control

Image boxes in warehouse
  • Multi-store, with prices and statistics for each of them.
  • Stock checking and manual and scanner inventory.
  • Price control agreed by supplier.
  • Control and management of orders from the supplier.
  • Control and management of purchasing invoices.
  • Transfer of orders to invoices.
  • Invoicing suppliers.
  • Transfers between stores.
  • Stock control in real time or deferred.
  • Stock regularisations (breakages, theft, etc.)
  • Continuous inventories by store at current price and date.
  • Article coefficients, possibility of entering the same article in different types of containers.


  • AUTOMATIC TILLS: (©Azkoyen, ©Bipprocess, ©Cashbank-cube, ©Cashguard, ©Cashkeeper, ©Cashlogy, ©Cashphenix, ©Glory, ©Infinity, ©Paydesk, ©Safapey).
  • CARDS, WRISTBANDS AND FINGERPRINT: Fingerprint Intuate/Digital Persona, Nitgen Hamster II, Intuate U.are. U 4500 and easyGoband special system.
  • PAYMENT GATEWAYS: (© Payteff, ©TPVTPC, ©Comercia Global Payments, ©ePOMo, ©ORX (Andorra), ©Saimapay).
  • DELIVERY PLATFORMS : Through ©SINCRO it is possible to manage orders made via: ©Globo, ©Just Eat, ©Uber Eats, ©Deliveroo, etc.
    • © LAPSOPAY: It is possible to view the sale receipt and even pay a part or all of the bill from a mobile phone.
    • 4IPNET Hotspot: Link to a Wi-Fi network with the TPV BDP-NET program.
    • Terminals for portable telecomandas.
    • ©RECEVER, © NO MÁS TICKETS: a system that enables tickets to be sent to the cloud.
    • ©DEVOLUIVA: you can automate VAT recovery.
    • ©GIRNET: a powerful Intelligent Business system by MAPAL.
    • HOTEL: transferring tickets to BDP-HOTEL.

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