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Home delivery service

To offer on-line ordering, home delivery and takeaway food is one of the most intelligent strategies to attract possible customers. When you begin to do home deliveries, it is indispensable to make the delivery service as efficient and profitable as possible. With TPV BDP-NET Home Delivery Service, you will have an “All-in-one” tool, integrated into the POS system and with delivery channels, forming an essential part of the management and optimisation of any business in the sector.

TPV BDP-NET Home Delivery Service is a tool that contains all the requirements of a catering business, plus the specific needs of a delivery service. To quickly find tickets, by customer phone number, name or address, to easily find tickets or just those pending delivery, print tickets or bills, correctly handle sales and deliveries by worker is easy with TPV BDP-NET Home Delivery Service.

Saving time in a restaurant with each order while also avoiding human error in the transcription of tickets and automatically printing tickets for orders in the kitchen. Correctly handling the inventory and updating it automatically depending on the orders made, and at the same time optimising delivery times and, of course, satisfying customers, is no longer an unreachable goal with TPV BDP-NET Home Delivery Service.

Organise, control, optimise and expand delivery operations from the store or shop to the final recipient is easy, applying the following options:

  • Incorporating all the general features of TPV BDP-NET Bar and Restaurant.
  • Controlling delivery employees.
  • Entry time and leaving time.
  • Search for customers by phone number, mobile phone, etc.
  • Total or partial collection of tickets by delivery employee.
  • Liquidation by shift and delivery employee with advance payments.
  • Issuing tickets for customer, till and delivery employee.
  • Statistics by postcode.
  • Consumption statistics by customer.
  • Possibility of passing the order of the last ticket consumed by the customer if they wish to consume the same as last time.
  • Multiple selection of orders by delivery employee and trip.
  • Commissions by delivery employees.
  • Offers in the orders for all customers or specific by area and street.
  • Identification of products according to allergen regulations.
  • Possibility of creating and applying 2×1 offers, product plus gift, etc.
  • Cash counts, expense control and management by delivery employee or worker.
  • Possibility of separating in the till sales for delivery, online sales to collect, takeaway orders or orders for consumption on the premises.
  • Area control.
  • Control of departures and arrivals of delivery employees.

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