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Hairdressers and Beauty Salons

Helping professional to make their business more profitable, good management of the timetable and premises, selling products with better stock control, as well as billing from a single point, is easy with BDP-NET Hairdressers and Beauty Salons.

BDP-NET Hairdressers and Beauty Salons enables you to follow, quickly and intuitively, customer attention, distribute appointment times according to employee or type of treatment, attend to the customer according to their personalised file, sell products or services, while at the same time increasing profits, retaining new customers, increasing average tickets, and even reducing staff costs. Modernity in a hairdressing salon is not only achieved by creating an image, but also with efficacy in the management of the business.

BDP-NET Hairdressers and Beauty Salons, you can improve sales processes, optimise resources, considerably increasing the establishment's profitability applying it.

  • Prepared for touchscreens, keyboard and mouse.
  • Departments, articles and customers.
  • Control and reports of payments.
  • Personalised ticket design.
  • Definition of parameters for each terminal.
  • Parking by terminal and employee.
  • 5 types of prices for automatic and manual application.
  • Connection to scales for selling articles by weight.
  • Free description in the sale of articles.
  • Identification of the article by photograph, colour and description.
  • Possibility of forcing the assignment of employees.
  • History of cancellations.
  • Control tape on paper and magnetic support.
  • Cash in and outflows.
  • Up to 5 shifts per day and reports by shift and day.
  • More than 70 reports by terminal, premises, dates, etc.
  • Closures with programmable reports and closure of shifts and days.
  • Till control by shifts and days / Cash counts by shifts and days.
  • Identification of employees by password, card, RFID and fingerprint.
  • As well as a screen for each department with their articles, there are 999 maxi-screens allowing up to 107 articles available on the sales screen.
  • Reports on screen, A4 printer and ticket printer in local and network mode.
  • Possibility of parking up to 999 tickets with comments definable by the user.
  • Options and access commissions definable by employee.
  • Up to 99 types of VAT and 99 modes of payment.
  • Connection to scanner by barcode.
  • Articles with weight control.
  • Price and discount offers by article, gift offers such as 3 x 2 and offering group prices.
  • "Second purchase at half price" type offers.
  • Invoices for customers for billing at the end of the month.
  • Prices and discounts by customer.
  • Crediting customer's tickets.
  • Button panel with three columns and buttons with totally configurable position, colour and size.
  • Management of customer loyalty, cards, points, gift tickets and payment with gift points.
  • Generation of points by articles and by amounts.
  • 10 Modes of collection by terminal.
  • Up to 3 forms of collection by ticket and the possibility of issuing gift tickets without amounts.
  • Employee presence control (entry, exit, hours worked, etc.).
  • Reading scales barcodes.
  • Display management (Greetings, till, sale, etc.) and pack management..
  • Control and notification of excess cash in the till.
  • Orders from the production centre.
  • Control and management of issue and reception of vouchers.

  • Planning by employees between hours.
  • Planning by services between hours.
  • Definition of up to 99 hours.
  • Detailed history by customer.
  • Text editor for customer history.
  • Management and control of product vouchers.
  • Control of treatments.
  • Differentiation between services and products.
  • History of photographs by customer.
  • Reminder notes by dates and customers.
  • History of consumptions and services by customer.
  • Personalised technical datasheets for each customer.
  • History of tickets and consumptions between dates by customer.
  • Photograph capture from webcam and file
Image of folded clothes in front of yellow background.


  • Connection to different PCs on the same network or over the internet (The “Connectivity Module” will be needed).
  • Communications system based on remote SQL connections and own management of data packages.
  • Sending daily data from the terminal to the head office.
  • Sending the basic data from the head office to the terminals (price/article changes, etc.).
  • Sending and reception through the network, E-mail, Ftp server and external discs (USB, etc.).
  • Selective sending by premises and terminals.
  • "Line Control" tool for continuous remote control and connection incorporated in the "Connectivity Module".
  • Synchronisation agent (Continuous unattended communication).
  • A new system for accessing information about the BDP-NET data for external applications (WEBLINK RESTAPI).
Image of a person transferring data using connectivity.

Multi-Terminal and Network

Image network terminals
  • Up to 999 premises.
  • Up to 99,999 terminals.
  • Possibility of working autonomously and then transferring the data to the head office.
  • Possibility of working with several on-line network terminals with the same data.
  • Possibility of entering charges in a terminal and modifying them or billing them in another.
  • Moving from working on the network to autonomous working if the network is down for any reason, with subsequent merger of data.

Commercial management module

  • Customer control and management (Fiscal and commercial data, financial and risk control, holiday period, etc.).
  • Multiple delegations by customer, with different addresses and contacts.
  • Zones and types of customers.
  • Prices definable by customer and article.
  • Multi-rate by customer and article.
  • Control of estimates, orders and invoices.
  • Transfer of estimates to orders and invoices.
  • Transfer of orders to invoices.
  • Direct billing from invoices.
  • Selective billing by customer.
  • Grouped billing between dates and groups of customers.
  • Billing by company and/or delegation.
  • Massive reprinting of a group of bills, so as not to have to print the bills as they are created.
  • Multi-Series for bills, invoices, orders and estimates.
  • Series with VAT added and series with VAT included.
  • Remittances for bank receipts.
  • Remittances on paper, disc and file to send over the Internet.
  • Manual collection of bills.
  • Management of representatives.
  • Commissions by customer and article.
  • Multiple configurations of commissions.
  • Definable designs of estimates, orders, invoices and bills.
  • Possibility of issuing estimates, orders, invoices and bills in PDF format.
  • Management of PDF files by e-mail.
  • Multiple billing lists.
  • Statistics of articles, customers, representatives, etc.
  • Calculation and listing of profitability of articles and customers.

Store control

Image boxes in warehouse
  • Multi-store, with prices and statistics for each of them.
  • Stock checking and manual and scanner inventory.
  • Price control agreed by supplier.
  • Control and management of orders from the supplier.
  • Control and management of purchasing invoices.
  • Transfer of orders to invoices.
  • Invoicing suppliers.
  • Transfers between stores.
  • Stock control in real time or deferred.
  • Stock regularisations (breakages, theft, etc.)
  • Continuous inventories by store at current price and date.
  • Article coefficients, possibility of entering the same article in different types of containers.

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