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BDP Hotel

BDP-HOTEL is specialised software for managing hotels and tourist accommodations. It enables you to manage, control and graphically view real occupation and availability in the hotel, solving the daily management of a hotel establishment in an agile and effective manner, making it a fundamental tool for control and administration of any tourist establishment.

BDP-HOTEL manages reservations, stays, arrivals, departures, closure of sale, governance and all the important operations in everyday hotel management, reducing and controlling costs, and investing less time in administration.

BDP-HOTEL is complemented with extensive auditing and powerful statistics to help make the best decisions in hotel management and administration. BDP-HOTEL complies with all the regulations established in the tourism sector in Spain, the Canaries, Balearic islands and Andorra.


  • Work with multiple seasons and rates.
  • Definition of public holidays.
  • Rates by seasons or customised for companies or agencies.
  • Application of types of prices according to the continuous, variable or occasional calculation method.
  • Creation of rooms with different types and classes.
  • Management and control of parking spaces.
  • Customer file, agencies and companies classified by types.
  • Management of pre-reservations, confirmed reservations and stays.
  • Control of cancelled, deleted and no-show reservations.
  • Management of quota reservations.
  • System for confirming reservations via e-mail.
  • Planning overnight stays, occupation, quotas and parking.
  • Planning occupation and availability that enables the information to be viewed by type of room.
  • Rack of stays with forecast arrivals and departures.
  • Possibility to customise for viewing the Rack columns.
  • Rapid location of reservations.
  • Rapid viewing of rooms that have been occupied.
  • Rapid exchange of rooms.
  • Blocking rooms for a date or range of dates.
  • Management of charges by room.
  • Management of charges outside the billing plan (vouchers).
  • Possibility of generating individualised charges by Reservation.
  • Direct integration with the POS for hospitality Bdp-Net.
  • Automatic telephone call charging.
  • Control of estimates, invoices and bills.
  • Control and management of deposits and down payments.
  • Billing of rooms by series.
  • Billing of charges by several grouping criteria.
  • System for management and control of bills sent in PDF format.
  • Automatic conversion of receipts to bills.
  • Billing of items without the need for reservation (invoices).
  • Billing system with control of bills issued for Tiquet BAI.
  • Control and management of shifts, till and closure by user and shifts.
  • Possibility of billing multiple cases of work in reception.
  • Automatic system for executing external applications from the same Reservation.


  • Lists of master files.
  • Calculation of previsions, occupation forecasts and availability with % of occupation.
  • Night audit reports.
  • Comparative statistics on occupation and finance.
  • Control of productivity with provision of revenues.
  • Daily production (guest ledger).
  • Calculation of provision of revenue currently plus in the future.
  • List of production including amounts of external sales.
  • Taxation (VAT record, tourist taxes, annual statement of operations 347, etc.).
  • Calculation of average stays of guests and total revenue per quarter.
  • Calculation of the average Revpar rate.
  • Report on establishment productivity (crc, revpar, revpor, adr, goppar).
  • Summary of billing by dates and pending collection.
  • Summary of revenue by occupation.
  • Statistics of services billed by date.
  • Control of demand and trends (pickup).
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  • Internal warning and notification system for reception personnel (reservation, planning, rack).
  • Customisation of printed matter.
  • Welcome sheet issued according to specific autonomic community regulations.
  • Multiple systems of application and calculation for tourist taxes.
  • System for exporting accounting entries for bills, till, etc. (Contaplus and ASCII).
  • Direct integration with telephone switchboard.
  • Direct integration with ID document reader (DNI, passports, ID cards, etc.).
  • Works with different types of VAT.
  • Robust user administration system.
  • Possibility of exporting report results to different formats (PDF, doc, xls, rtf, xt, ppt, csv, etc.).
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Own system for generating and retrieving backups.
  • Specific tools and utilities for the distributor.
  • Links with Channel Managers to control reservations made by booking engines, and a powerful manager for booking incidents received from the Channel, via the Booking engine.
  • Application of PCI regulations (Bank card data management).
  • Use and application of the CONTACTLESS trend using digital signature tablets.
  • System for programming the functional keys for executing processes from the planning.
  • Possibility of accounting transfers from BDP to CONTAPLUS or Generation of standard structure ASCII files for importing from other applications.
  • Link with AIRZONE heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Possibility of applying customised rates for continuous, variable or sporadic application.
  • Powerful system for importing data for BDP-HOTEL CLASSIC and other applications on the market.

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BDP (Headquarters)

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