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Any business dedicated to hospitality, retail or other sectors needs an online shop integrated into the POS, where the customer can see the products, make an order, obtain, purchase and pay. Namely, an online e-commerce platform with an all-in-one environment that enables the creation of a virtual online shop integrated into TPV BDP-NET, using WordPress with the structure necessary to work with the pages of products, detailed datasheet of the article, the shopping cart and the payment section, using the BDP-NET plugin for WooCommerce adapted to comply with the main objective of connecting to the POS.

From WordPress, with BDP-NET TPV Connector, you can link the forms of payment of WordPress to the TPV, open and close the online shop according to the customers's needs, show the departments and products, manage the shopping cart and the payment of the order before sending the information to the POS (external payment gateways, card, Paypal, etc.) and finalise the online purchase.

BDP-NET TPV Connector will make your work considerably easier on creating the online shop and linking to the POS. To have a more effective presence on the Internet, e-commerce has become a great business avenue. With BDP-NET TPV Connector, both small and large businesses can have an e-commerce platform with hardly any initial investment, using the following options:

  • The products generated in the online shop from the Bdp-Net articles will include all the data necessary for customers to make purchases (price, stock availability, allergens, comments and supplements associated to the articles on Bdp-Net).
  • The "Storefront" theme will be used for the visual layer of the shop in WordPress.
  • When an order is made on the online shop, the Bdp-Net application will receive an order in the autocomanda console.
  • The order will include customer data, entered by the customer on the online shop, together with the possible payments for the purchase made.
  • For the Website service, it will simply be necessary to specify the public IP address of the internet connection the machine executing Bdp-Net is connected to.
  • Execution of the online shop is based on two plugins installed in WordPress:
    • WooCommerce (Corresponds to an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress).
    • Plugin Bdp Proprietary software (Communicates the WooCommerce online shop to the Bdp-Net application).
  • It will be possible to indicate the type of order to be generated in Bdp-Net (Collect or Home delivery).
  • The autocomanda console enables orders to be received in two possible states, "Pending acceptance" and "Transferred".
  • Together with the articles, an enlarged description, allergens, profiles of supplements including the allergens and profiles of associated comments.
  • The image-product association is carried out through the code of the article corresponding to the product and the name of the file in the image.
  • Possibility of indicating to the online shop the WooCommerce stock control at the moment products are imported.
  • If you wish to control the stock in WooCommerce, the stocks of the products from the current stock of the articles in Bdp-Net will also be imported.
  • The customer can add a free comment to any article purchased online.
  • It is not possible to sell compound articles from the online shop (proportions, long drinks, menus, fast-foods, packs, etc…).
  • Possibility of specifying the store from which the online shop will obtain the current stock of the articles.
  • The stock of the online shop is not connected in real time with the Bdp-Net stock.
  • The online shop enables purchases to be sent to the Bdp-Net application with the status of pending payment and purchases already paid.
  • Each form of payment available in the online shop can be associated to corresponding form of payment in Bdp-Net.
  • The forms of payment available for customers in the online shop can be enabled and disabled using the WooCommerce plugin.
  • If, for any reason, the online shop is unable to supply an order to the Bdp-Net application, the order will be stored in the online shop with "Processing" or "Pending" status.

  • A Web server in which you will have "assemble" and publish the ONLINE sales website.
  • A machine to execute the Bdp-Net application.
    • Note: It will be necessary to have an extended BDP-NET subscription, an Internet connection, a public static IP address and an open port in the router used for connecting.

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