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Customer & Food

Customer & Food is the real, dynamic and most complete solution that allows you to achieve the best experience for diners during their stay in the establishment. Choosing the product from the mobile phone itself and paying from it, even per guest, while the order made is sent to the POS and to the kitchen, makes its processing immediate.

Customer & Food allows to offer an agile, fast and efficient service in the business that applies it, being able to carry out the orders and pay for them without having to download any application, without depending on the local Wi-Fi network and without having to wait too long on the part of the clients.

Any establishment needs dishes to be faster to order and serve, while managing the orders, replacing the typical menus, without touching paper, cardboard or plastic. From Customer & Food, the client can call the waiter, after personalizing the messages by the restaurant, select the products available in different departments and/or items to choose from, even choose different types of accompaniments and cooking options (Well done, without salt, etc.), thereby considerably speeding up the taking of orders that are made.

Customer & Food helps to increase the table rotation, increase the amount of the average ticket and considerably improve the satisfaction and loyalty of diners. By incorporating a powerful payment system, Customer & Food manages to reduce the margin of error at the time of payment and considerably reduces the waiting time during the payment process, thus making it easier for waiters to spend more time to provide a better service to diners, which results in an increase in the number of tips.

The total integration that exists between Customer & Food and the POS, makes this become the optimal tool that improves the processes of sale, payment and staff work, having a direct impact on a considerable increase in the quality of the service, as well as in the image of the establishment that apply it. Thus achieving greater efficiency in business management and greater profitability and productivity.

  • Working modes:
    • Electronic menu.
    • Payment system only.
    • Electronic menu, management of orders and payments.
  • Different QR codes (Only Electronic menú and Only payments, according to parameterization).
    • Split payments by division of diners and division by amounts.
    • Sending orders to the kitchen by direct delivery or pre-validation by the waiter.
  • Working profiles by rooms.
  • Discounts per item.
  • Extended product description for a better detailed definition of the item.
  • Highly visible and detailed allergen indication.
  • Powerful menu management system, with choice of starters, mains, desserts, drinks, etc.
  • Proportions.
  • Powerful comment management system for cooking (well done, medium, rare, etc.).
  • Configuration profile by rooms (possibility of having different items and prices, depending on the room where the diner is).
  • Possibility of linking several supplement profiles, as well as including default supplements in the selection.
  • Possibility of personalizing images for articles and allergens.
  • Powerful fast article search engine.
  • “Call the waiter” option, with the possibility of customizing the messages (Max. 10), with a one-minute call limitation.
  • Tips.
  • Possibility of viewing the payment history while the order is not closed.
  • Integrated payment gateway (optional).
  • Possibility of personalizing the image of the establishment (excluding styles).
  • It does not require the installation of external applications on the devices of the guests.
  • The use of the local Wi-Fi network is not required to use the application.
  • Use and control of the GPS device for:
    • Orders can only be made within a certain radius of the establishment.
    • Guidance and location system to reach the establishment.
  • Generation and sending by email of invoices in PDF format
  • Multi-language.
  • Possibility of expanding with a BDP-NET license on a Windows Tablet for order management from anywhere in the premises, including confirmation with the client at the table itself.

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