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Kitchen monitor

The kitchen has always been considered the production nerve center of a restaurant. The BDP bidirectional kitchen monitor module is the tool that facilitates communication between waiters and cooks, thus avoiding unnecessary travel, as well as a considerable reduction in the time of preparing dishes, which increases productivity capacity of the establishment that uses it.

The BDP bidirectional kitchen monitor module allows real-time information on the status of each dish (Received, Read, Modified, Served, etc.), notifying the waiter of their departure, thus minimizing time of preparation of the dishes, avoiding misunderstandings and unnecessary trips, which has repercussions in a greater rotation of the tables, serving the dishes at the exact moment and a fundamental improvement in the quality of the service.

With the BDP bidirectional kitchen monitor, we will easily and agilely coordinate the different preparation areas and service times that exist in any kitchen, optimally achieving an ideal synchronization between the kitchen and the dining room. With the BDP kitchen monitor module, we can easily manage the existing workload in the kitchen, thus being able to anticipate preparations, viewing the list of all the dishes, regardless of the order they are in.

With BDP's bidirectional kitchen monitor, we will monitor the entire order preparation process, so that the output of dishes is orderly and efficient, translating this into greater employee satisfaction, spending less time correcting errors or details in the orders, thus achieving that the restaurant service is much faster, profitable and effective.

  • User interface easy and agile to use through touch screen.
  • Preference for viewing orders with more delay, to speed up deliveries, being able to order them by time of registration or by time of the last modification on the kitchen monitor.
  • It incorporates comments, messages, modification of commands and notices.
  • Visualization of comments sent from the POS or radio-orders.
  • Parameterizable configuration for the constant display of the summary of dishes.
  • Possibility of working independently or together with kitchen printers and delivery monitor to report the output of dishes.
  • Possibility of configuring the behavior for line changes.
    • Strike Original.
    • Intermittent line.
    • Direct Swap
  • Management of the status of the dishes (Received, Read and Served), with notification to a printer or delivery monitor.
  • Sound and visual warning system.
  • Possibility of configuration for the visibility of the numbering.
    • Order.
    • Your turn.
    • Order and Turn
    • Number and Type.
  • Possibility of configuring the order of the orders.
    • Order number
    • Check In.
    • Last modified time.
  • Color policy to differentiate levels of dishes.
  • Full integration with POS BDP-NET.


  • Delivery monitor.
      Management and control from the POS or from the KITCHEN MONITOR. States (In preparation, Prepared, Delivered).

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